Friday, September 14, 2012

DIYF // At Casa Edition

Since I am in the process of crossing number one off my twenty-four by twenty-four, that's right, I'm moving!, I am all about DIY's to spruce up my new home. I'll be living with my old neighbor, Dane, and my friend, Nora. Nora will be moving out in a couple months after she gets her new place, but I am excited to be living with such talented (and clean!) people. However, since I am in the process of moving, I was unable to complete my own project for Thank God It's Do It Yourself Friday. Therefore, I am going to share two projects from the Italian website, At Casa. You should be able to click that link and have the sight come up translated to English.
If you were unaware of my obsession with pallets, you will become acquainted with it whether you want to or not! heh... anyway! Our new kitchen is not well equipped with cabinet space. These pallet shelves would be a great place to store plates, and I would probably put some hooks on the bottom to hang pots & pans. The directions are a bit confusing to me, but there is a construction site near where I am staying and I did spot some pallets. If I do get to make this one, I will definitely try to take pictures of the process.
As a thrift store enthusiast with a degree in fashion, I have a ton of clothing. Whether I wear it now or it is in the to-be-remade pile, I have more than a closet's worth. At my old house I had a huge walk in closet, but not at the new place! I will be bringing my sweet dresser/wardrobe, but even if that is enough hanging space, I plan on making one of these. Maybe I'll just hang my favorite articles of clothing on it...
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