Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thursday Tunes // Ear Pwr

I love music that evokes movement. This may have formed out of the necessity to stay awake while driving four hours to visit family or go to school, but does not demean the fact that danceable music is simply fun. Perhaps anyone from the Dance Dance Revolution arcade-hanging days has an inclination towards danceable beats. Regardless, I love music to which my mother and I can dance. Ear Pwr is definitely a band that would make us want to boogie down. I wasn't even aware this band was from Baltimore when I first heard them play on Pandora while I was at work in Hampden, Baltimore. Baltimore's music scene known for its experimental noise "quality" with big wigs such as Dan Deacon and Animal Collective. Ear Pwr is by no means new to the scene, just new to me! Some people are not in favor of their seemingly immature love of neon sunglasses, video games, and sparkly sweaters, but I think the beauty of electropop is that it enables you to dance freely, as a child would. Enjoy!

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