Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Local Lovelies // Co Bappe

I've been entertaining the idea of doing this sort of feature for quite some time. This video that my friend Braden made about my friend Co was just the inspiration I needed. Co worked on this bike for a while. It's awesome to see his passion and dedication come to completion. I remember him working on it piece by piece when he lived in the same part of town as I do, bending the pipes and working endlessly. As a creator, motorcycles are out of my league, but I can definitely appreciate all of the details and work put into this masterpiece. Enjoy this video and this sweet write up by Shaky Shrines:

"Co Bappe is a creator: At his day job, Co is a graphic artist who makes screen-printed apparel for major retailers, and in his free time, Co taught himself how to build board-track racing motorcycles inspired by those of the 1910s and 20s. After countless hours spent watching instructional Youtube videos and studying friends who were certified welders, Co began to draw 1-to-1 scale mockups of motorcycles on butcher paper. Instead of downloading and copying schematics for older bikes verbatim, Co's designs are all original. Co combines an Art Deco aesthetic with his childhood recollections of the Rocketeer on his latest build while staying true to form by utilizing parts (like a Briggs and Stratton tractor engine) that model the technical aspects of his turn-of-the-century predecessors. When he sells a motorcycle, it is only for enough money to buy the parts and raw materials that he will need for his next build. Simply put, Co Bappe is a creator. He is someone whose purest joy and love of life can be seen through the small window in his welding mask. Co Bappe's motorcycles are true works of art, made to be marveled for their beauty and grace as much as their power and function.
Check out Co's work at these websites:
tumblr. big cartel.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Tunes // Austra: Olympia

It's nothing new that I'm in love with the Canadian electro-pop sensation, Austra.
I blogged about them here when I first discovered their music.  Now two years later, Austra has released their second album, Olympia, and again, I can't get enough. I've been streaming it on repeat from NPR since they first posted the link on their facebook ten days ago.
Olympia is quite the progression from their first release, Feel it Break. It's obvious from the album covers, let alone the musical content:

After streaming the album non-stop, I bought it from iTunes. This is album takes a turn around the corner from the darkness that was prevelant in Feel It Break. This album is sure to be a summer staple with its hopeful harmonies and smooth synths. Could be considered the best $10 purchase I've made in a while. Enjoy the video for the song "Home":

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bayardstown Social Club

I had the pleasure of meeting up with some of my dearest friends last night at a new establishment called Bayardstown Social Club. Located in the Strip District, Bayardstown is a little oasis. Stepping through the tin gate that grants access to the pallet fence enclosure is like walking into common grounds at a campsite. There is a fire pit, vintage lawn chairs, strung christmas lights, a grill, and even a croquet set. If it had a silver bullet trailer, I'd never leave. The potential downsides of a monthly membership, and BYOB (bring your own beer/beef) are quickly neglected. The membership fee is completely worth forgetting the noise of the city and experiencing that isolated feeling that comes with camping. I love this quote from their tumblr about the project:
"We have parks in the City but it’s not legal to bring alcohol to them. We have BYOB restaurants but we can’t afford to pay to eat out every night. We have friends with yards but we have to wait for an invite to be able to enjoy some outdoors. Bayardstown is that shared yard you always wanted."
If you happen to be in the 'burgh one of these summer nights, I highly recommend checking it out, if not in real life, at least on the web: twitter, facebook, tumblr, and instagram.

I was attempting to hide my retainer

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday Tunes // CHVRCHES

Today was a big in for music in my little life. I bought my first ever album on iTunes and a digital download at a show Tuesday night.
A while ago I blogged about one of my favorite bands, Alpine. Via their twitter, I learned about this amazing band, CHVRCHES. I promptly downloaded their EP from iTunes (and you can too!).

Glasgow, Scotland, should be proud of this trending trio. Formed in 2011, Lauren Mayberry, Iain Cook and Martin Doherty draw influences from Prince and Depeche Mode. With a sound similar to Cults who flooded the sound waves last summer, CHVRCHES is sure to be an electropop staple sound during this upcoming blue skies and cool nights.

If you were able to see them (or Alpine for that matter) at SXSW, I am the most jealous. You can be sure to hear them on repeat should you find yourself walking by my apartment or car.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Fresh Start

For anyone who has followed my blog for any extended period of time, my sporadic blogging habits probably don't come across as striking. But here I am! Back on the blog, with a fresh look and a TON of fresh things going on in my life. But speaking of fresh, how about a daily dose of veggies? I have been on a very strict candida diet for a little over two weeks. Although I had attempted this diet several times since November, I have finally mustered the resolve to stick it out. If you want to know more about candida, check out this source. As much as I dreaded giving up my beloved sugar and baked goods, I have loved gaining knowledge on eating healthier, and specifically veggies. So here's some veggie-related inspiration:

1. I love this cute & clever little print by Arcadia Graphic. In fact I am pretty sure I need it in my kitchen. 2. One of the awesome things I have learned during my diet: cauliflower is versatile. I love pizza. In fact every Thursday I go to "Pizza Thursday" with my friends. I made this cauliflower pizza crust and topped it with fresh tomatoes and yogurt cheese. Detoxinista has become one of my favorite blogs. 3. Emma from A Beautiful Mess used onions to dye this skirt. I had pretty much been living off onions but I just learned they are a little high on the carbohydrate list. Since carbs convert to sugar and sugar feeds the infection, I might have to limit my intake. Or at least use the rest of my onions to dye something! 4. I bought a bag of radishes the other day, mostly because I can eat them. I had yet to figure out what to do with them but this idea from Sweet C's Designs seems like the perfect snack! Plus I'm out of celery so I'll need something to tide me over the next day or two. I hope you feel inspired to look up something new to do with your veggies!
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