Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bayardstown Social Club

I had the pleasure of meeting up with some of my dearest friends last night at a new establishment called Bayardstown Social Club. Located in the Strip District, Bayardstown is a little oasis. Stepping through the tin gate that grants access to the pallet fence enclosure is like walking into common grounds at a campsite. There is a fire pit, vintage lawn chairs, strung christmas lights, a grill, and even a croquet set. If it had a silver bullet trailer, I'd never leave. The potential downsides of a monthly membership, and BYOB (bring your own beer/beef) are quickly neglected. The membership fee is completely worth forgetting the noise of the city and experiencing that isolated feeling that comes with camping. I love this quote from their tumblr about the project:
"We have parks in the City but it’s not legal to bring alcohol to them. We have BYOB restaurants but we can’t afford to pay to eat out every night. We have friends with yards but we have to wait for an invite to be able to enjoy some outdoors. Bayardstown is that shared yard you always wanted."
If you happen to be in the 'burgh one of these summer nights, I highly recommend checking it out, if not in real life, at least on the web: twitter, facebook, tumblr, and instagram.

I was attempting to hide my retainer
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