Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Fresh Start

For anyone who has followed my blog for any extended period of time, my sporadic blogging habits probably don't come across as striking. But here I am! Back on the blog, with a fresh look and a TON of fresh things going on in my life. But speaking of fresh, how about a daily dose of veggies? I have been on a very strict candida diet for a little over two weeks. Although I had attempted this diet several times since November, I have finally mustered the resolve to stick it out. If you want to know more about candida, check out this source. As much as I dreaded giving up my beloved sugar and baked goods, I have loved gaining knowledge on eating healthier, and specifically veggies. So here's some veggie-related inspiration:

1. I love this cute & clever little print by Arcadia Graphic. In fact I am pretty sure I need it in my kitchen. 2. One of the awesome things I have learned during my diet: cauliflower is versatile. I love pizza. In fact every Thursday I go to "Pizza Thursday" with my friends. I made this cauliflower pizza crust and topped it with fresh tomatoes and yogurt cheese. Detoxinista has become one of my favorite blogs. 3. Emma from A Beautiful Mess used onions to dye this skirt. I had pretty much been living off onions but I just learned they are a little high on the carbohydrate list. Since carbs convert to sugar and sugar feeds the infection, I might have to limit my intake. Or at least use the rest of my onions to dye something! 4. I bought a bag of radishes the other day, mostly because I can eat them. I had yet to figure out what to do with them but this idea from Sweet C's Designs seems like the perfect snack! Plus I'm out of celery so I'll need something to tide me over the next day or two. I hope you feel inspired to look up something new to do with your veggies!
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