Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Twenty-four by Twenty-four!

It's that time of year again! This year I decided to create a bucket list of twenty-four things to do before I turn twenty-four. Katie, at The Little Red Squirrel and Kaelah at Little Chief Honey Bee as well as others! did something similar (they did one less thing than the year they turned). Here's my list:

1. Move. - I have moved back into my parents house, and as much as I love them, I long to be back in Pittsburgh.
2. Build a table. - I have plans for a table made out of a pallet with a cast iron sewing machine base. It would of course look great in my new apartment when I move!
3. Paint the RV. - Harley insists on calling it the "murderhome" until we paint it. It's going to be a cool mint green, but I'm not certain on specifics such as how the design is going to look or be accomplished.
4. Make shelves. - I found I really inspiring image on flickr a while ago. I hope to make shelves similar to the ones in the boutique pictured (& to find that image so I can give credit where it is due!)
5. Bake something crazy. - The other week, Natalie made a killer lemon, fig & pistachio cake for her birthday. I wasn't able to be around to try it (plus, I can't have gluten...) but everyone told me about how stellar it was. I normally bake from basic boxes that I get from the discount food store in Quaryville, but I am determined to branch out!
6. Make something nice for someone nice. - I have lots of ideas for this one. Thoughtful handmade gifts for someone for no reason other than to show them you were thinking of them enough to dedicate a chunk of your time (& possibly blood, sweat, and tears) to them (then hope they like it).
7. Visit a city I've never been to before. - For as much as I love cities, and travelling, I haven't seen too many! Maybe I'll go somewhere like Chicago, or Denver. Who wants to come with me?
8. Get a new pet. - This on is dependent on number one. I really want a dog. Especially if I get a place of my own. I spend too many hours browsing the pets online located at the located shelters. I'm thinking a pit bull, the shelters are overwhelmingly full of them.
9. Eat more vegetables/less chocolate. - I do eat a substantial amount of vegetables, but I want to try sneaking them into my baked goods and see how they turn out!
10. Run more. - I used to run six miles three times a week. I am severely out of shape now! But now that I am back at my parents (who have a treadmill) perhaps I can get back up there!
11. Golf with my father. - I've been meaning to do this for years. I don't particularly care for golf, but my father enjoy's it, and I am confident that this would be better than a father-daughter shopping trip.
12. Sew more. - When I was living in Baltimore, I was didn't have any of my sewing things and I was going absolutely crazy! Now that we are reunited, I can work on some original designs, woo!
13. Make jewelry. - I wear the same few pieces of jewelry every day. Hopefully I will spruce up my collection with some handmade pieces.
14. Apply for Project Runway. - I was going to apply two years ago, but I decided it would be wiser to finish my last year of school. This year I just missed the deadline! Next year is mine, watch out!
15. Volunteer. I hate not feeling involved in the community I am in. I want to give back and volunteer more!
16. Acquire drawing skills. - I really don't have any. I used to, but I haven't drawn since high school. I think my fashion sketches would really enjoy not looking like a child completed them! (no, that style is not intential).
17. Learn a new game. - This past year I learned a card game- Nines, and a dice game- Ten Thousand, and I love them both! As faithful as I am to UNO and Scrabble, I would love to learn a new game.
18. Read at least ten books. - During school, I never had much time for leisurely reading. Now that I'm not bound by text books, I can read all the classics I was never required to read in high school or college!
19. Send someone a letter. - Letter are much more fun to write and receive than text messages!
20. More tattoos. - I have plenty of ideas. Currently, not enough money, but I am pretty good at saving!
21. Get a new bike. - For years I was riding a Huffy beach cruiser I had gotten for $40 at a yard sale. I was not suitable for city transportation. In my frustration after my chain came off twice while riding home, I left it outside to be stolen (it worked). I need something lighter that I can carry upstairs, and small enough that I can ride recklessly between cars.
22. Blog/write more. - During school, I seldom had the time to post here or practise any creative writing. I'm not making any promises, but I do hope to improve!
23. Finish at least ten reconstruction (upcycling) projects. - I am notorious for picking up cheap finds at thrift stores that have potential. Most of them use their potential as dust collectors, but no more!
24. Get a job I really enjoy. - I really want to do something in quality control, or get the RV business up & running, or open a boutique! (that last one I plan for later in life)
Wish me luck!
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