Monday, July 9, 2012

Motorhome Monday!

A couple of months ago I made a big purchase. Well the price wasn't so big, but the product was twenty five feet! This 1975 Winnebago was decked out for tailgating at Steelers games.

Natalie and I have big plans for this hunk of metal (if it will pass inspection...) In the mean time, I'm gathering inspiration and I'll be posting what I find every monday! But before I start bringing in the motor-vation, here are some before shots:
Original 1975 shag carpet! 

Complete with thirty seven years of dirt build up! 

That is dirt on my legs. Not from the carpet, but from cleaning up the debris leftover after Harley pulled down the ceiling. 

We had to cover up and remove all of the Steelers decals before bringing it to its resting place on enemy soil.
Harley drove the the motorhome from Pittsburgh to Baltimore. Becca and Pat followed us in case anything happened, such as the gas pedal getting stuck on the floor board and propelling us forward at eighty miles an hour until Harley was able to get his finger nail behind the peg and release it from the grove on the floor. There are many more adventures in store for us! 

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