Saturday, July 14, 2012

5. Bake Something Crazy

I am wasting no time crossing things off my bucket list! A couple of years ago, my brother got me the Blackbird Bakery cookbook.
This cookbook is filled with phenomenal recipes. Harley and I made a savory crepes with a mushroom filling. I haven't had gluten free crepes outside of Bar Suzette in Chelsea Market, NYC. They were just as good! I had wanted to make the Hummingbird Cake, which I had never heard of or had, but I wasn't equipped with all the ingredients. So I went for the German Chocolate Cake, which I had never had in cake form (just cookies & ice cream)

The recipes appear a little intimidating, but once I got the stand mixer spinning, the rest of it rolled into place! My least favorite part was making the icing. I'm not a chef or a scientist, & I understand that some things melt down, but I wasn't sure how three cups of sugar, three cups of cream, three and half cups of pecans, and six cups of coconut would yield the four and a half cups of icing the book said the recipe made. Not to mention the twelve egg yolks!
The cake turned out amazing. My mother says it is the best she ever had!
Gooey goodness! Luckily, there was enough left over icing that we pretty much have to make another one!
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