Tuesday, February 28, 2012

new job//new look

I recently took on another job as the creative director for the digital signage on campus. It's probably crazy for me to take this on in addition to being a full time student, being president of the Fashion Association, holding another campus job, and having a social life, BUT nothing has been done to the signage since it was installed three years ago. After meeting with people from different departments to see what they wanted the signage in their building to contain, I was pleased that I pretty much have full control and say of what goes on the signage. I borrowed my brother's camera so I can blip into events and performances and take a few pictures. And now that I have a nicer camera, I am enjoying taking more pictures period, which will hopefully translate here! Yay, blog! So here is a new blog layout in lieu of my new job and camera!

The art gallery opening for the "Print's Not Dead" exhibit was the first one I got to photograph! Now to make some sweet slides!
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