Sunday, January 8, 2012

NYC: Day Six

Today was full of visits! First I went up to the tip top of Manhattan to meet up with a friend I went to high school with. The subway runs above ground up there, I had many steps to walk up and down! 
Hilary took me to this awesome place, Indian Road Cafe. There is a huge hispanic population, which having gone to Belize and Chile, Hilary is all about, and I ate some delicious huevos rancheros (eggs, if your espanol isn't in the greatest of shape). 
It was really awesome hanging out with Hil. I don't think I have seen her since she graduated in 2006. After we ate, she took me around the Inwood Hill Park. The park borders the Hudson River, so I saw New Jersey! 
Later in the evening, I went to Times Square to meet up with a friend from college, Heather. She was in for the weekend with some friends, and we decided to take a late night, safe, tazor and mace ready stroll around Central Park. It was my first time being in the park. 
I saw the Strawberry Fields sign. 
And we saw a couple get engaged right near the ice rink! Heather took their pictures, as well as some of me and her friends, Kimmy and Katelyn, somewhere in the park...
picture by, i don't know. Katelyn, Heather, and Kimmy, respectively
pictures by Heather, Kimmy, myself, and Katelyn, respectively. 
Some guy friend brought along another guy friend, and they were hanging out in the hotel with us... before they got kicked out.
I wound up leaving the hotel around 1:00 am. After being followed by some guy in Times Square who thought I was beautiful and wanted to be my friend (also of whom I completely ignored and walked away from with the utmost haste), I made my way to the subway. I was supposed to get on the Q train, and I neglected to read the sign that said to take the N instead. N came and went before my discovering, and kicked out dude #2 also came onto the same platform I was on. Don't worry, I didn't have to fight him. I got off the train around 23rd St, and figured I would just take the M23 back to where I needed to be. After walking a block in the wrong direction (I really need to memorize the flow of traffic on the avenues), I waited for half an hour before it was too late (3:00 AM) and my feet were too tired. I hailed a cab and called it a night. 
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