Friday, January 6, 2012

NYC: Day Five

Today at work I spent my time working on the website. Tara bought me delicious coffee and a gluten free peanut butter chocolate chip cookie from Modca, which is right near the studio.
Sean, who works for the Brooklyn Denim Co., decided to make BoomBoom, the ten year old chihuahua that Tara has been watching, a jean jacket. BoomBoom is so cute and content to sit on my lap and try to rest his little head on my arm. It doesn't work very well as I am using my arm to do things on  the computer.

BoomBoom is pretty scared of Sean, so he gets called a "certified sissy" quite often. After work I headed to a different part of Brooklyn, Bushwick or something. Code Orange Kids, a Pittsburgh band, were playing at The Acheron.
Most of the bands were composed of twelve year olds, and their sets, as well as the crowd, left something to be desired. However, Code Orange Kids killed it. After the show I took the L back into Manhattan. That thing was wild! There were kids just drinking rum straight up (or maybe they were just pretending, I didn't get a good whiff), talking to everyone on the train, specifically these three German girls, about partying at 420. They were wild, I should ride the L at 11PM more often.  
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