Thursday, January 5, 2012

NYC: Day Four

Today was my first full day of work! I had wanted to leave the apartment earlier, but it did not happen. I got to work about three minutes early.
I met the other interns, all students from FIT. We went out for lunch together at Fabiane's Cafe. I got coffee, of course (it was just ok). Then it was back to work! I did a bunch of work on the shop website. Most of it you can't see yet because it is for the spring line! After work, I headed over to The Meatball Shop on Stanton to eat with my lovely family from Long Island! 
I got a little lost on the way, even with my maps app constantly in use. And I saw two mice crawling around the subway for the first time! (I found it exciting). Since I am gluten free, I could not eat any meatballs. I did enjoy a delicious salad, a side of polenta, and some homemade sangria! Thanks Uncle Pat and Aunt Dawn! 
Me, Uncle Pat, Chris, and John. 
Chris operates his business in the city, and John is who I am staying with. After dinner, Chris, John and I took a cab (thanks Chris!) and John and I retired for the night, not before picking up some packages! 
The lace for the wedding dress I am making finally arrived! The wrapping was even prettier than the last time!
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