Sunday, January 8, 2012

NYC: Day Seven

Today I only technically had one thing to do, tour the Garment District. However, after talking to my roommate, Matt, and his insisting there was no Wholeoods in NYC, I had something else to do. I was on a mission to find a Wholefoods. How could the city that has everything not have the best food store in existence? It does. But the first thing was the tour. It was cold, and I learned a few interesting things such as: 1. most other colonies were founded on religious freedom while New York City was founded to make money on fur trade, and 2. 3/4 of fur coats were made in New York City.
After the tour, I was on my way to Whole Foods. There are fabulous fur hats in New York City during the winter. I wanted to be friends with this guy: 

I discovered this delicous torte at Todaro Bro's near my cousin's apartment. I figured I would get skinnier while I was in NYC, but how could I with so much delicious gluten free food?
Nothing like a late night skype date with my family! 
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