Thursday, July 14, 2011

New Music Thursday: SisterBrother

The whole reason I started new music Thursdays was for my darling Mother. When I lived at home, our music taste was pretty synonymous- she liked most of the things I made her listen to, and I would often quiz her on band names. Once I left home, she had no one to keep her in the music loop (my brother has her listening to Akon now!) I really think she'll like today's music feature: SisterBrother

My family and I have been attending and volunteering at Purple Door Music and Arts Festival since 2003 (I'm not so sure I'll be able to make it this year, I hope last year wasn't the last though!) They have a New Artist Showcase where various bands can enter to play at Purple Door. SisterBrother won this year. Based in Harrisburg, PA, Nathan Horst and Suzanna Espamer really are brother and sister. They make beautiful Eisley-esque worship music.

They also have some sweet Feist and Fleet Foxes covers! (I wish the crowd would shoosh!)

You can get a better listen to their music on their Facebook or Website, where you can even buy it if you'd like!
I hope you like it, Mom. But don't play it for Dad, he'll probably fall asleep.
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