Friday, September 10, 2010

Cherry On Top Award!

I have been chosen by Ciara at A Trickle of Meaning for the Cherry on Top Award! How fun!

Here are the rules:
Say three interesting things about yourself.
Pass the award along to 5 other people.
So then! here we go (I think I am pretty interesting):

1. I had a bike accident when I was thirteen. I was riding bikes with my dad on the side, and went to go down the dip of the side walk to cross the road, my right hand yanked the hande bars, and I flipped over the curb. My dad left me to go get the van to pick me up and take me home. I sat on the side walk crying and letting my imagination get the best of me that the guy in the comcast van was going to kidnap me. I didn't ride a bike again until my senior year of high school. My class had a mandatory bike trip, and despite my objections (and tears, some things really freak me out), I had to go. My dad borrowed a tandem bike and went on the bike trip with me (he also did most of the work, thanks dad!). I now ride my bike everyday. I used to fall pretty often, I have a pretty righteous scar on my knee, but I get back on now.

2. I have been making things since I was five. I used to make clothes for my Magic Attic Club doll using double stick tape because I wasn't allowed to use the sewing machine until I was ten.
3. I have two older brothers and therefore was a major 'tom-boy' growing up. I hated dresses. Somewhere in high school I had a switch. My recent dress count was forty-six, I believe, but I have since given many of those away.
Ok, so I am really not that interesting. On to the award! (in no specific order):

1. My First Award goes to my dear friend Eunice at Sibahle Beads. I met Eunice when I was in Africa for five months. We spend tons of time together, and she uses her blog to continue to raise support for the community she lives in and we worked it.

2. My second award goes to Jaimie at C.R.A.F.T.. She has some seriously cute D.I.Y. tutorials and always fun and inspiring posts!

3. My third Award goes to Stacie at Stars for Streetlights. She lives in New York City and has some seriously awesome D.I.Y. project that are always up to date with latest trends.

4. My fourth award goes to Outsapop Trashion( I couldn't find her name anywhere). She makes seriously legit DIY projects, the type people look at and are amazed that someone made, like these sweet scarf dresses(note to self- find big scarves pronto, or hey mom- christmas idea, yeah?). She also has a Cut Out + Keep account, which is way cool in my book, and a flickr account. She is just too legit.

5. My final award goes to Jen at I Believe In Love. Jen has a special place in my heart since she was my leader while I was in Africa. But her blog has really awesome recipes, photography, crafts, and so much more. She is a seriously talented blogger and totally deserves the Cherry on Top award.

That concludes my list!

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