Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Music Thursday: Big Hurry (+Giveaway!)

Last weekend, Brandon, Becca, and I went to a show to support a friend of mine (more on him next week). One of the bands on the bill was this cutesy fun band from Pittsburgh called Big Hurry.

Becca likened them to an american version of Kate Nash (seriously good description), but also sort of Tegan and Sara-y. The band consists of Andy Wilkosz on guitar, Kelly Tobias on synth and vocals, Lenny Flatley on bass, and Dani Buncher on drums and back up vocals. I believe the band has only been around two years, but Dani is a seriously good drummer. According to Speed of the PIttsburgh Sound, Big Hurry's has "syrupy bass lines, drums black as tar and a glittering vein of synth run through their songs with a slow and engulfing fury." Listen for yourself!

Giveaway! So normally I have links to get the music, and you can click the myspace link or watch the above video a bunch if you want, or, you can win Big Hurry's Silver Screens EP. Keep it for yourself, or give this fun CD as a gift to a friend. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post. Invite a friend and their post will count as a spot for them and you (tell them to write that you recruited them). Giveaway will be open until midnight eastern time next New Music Thursday.

Good luck!
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