Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Music Thursday: Right Away, Great Captain!

Hello New Music Thursday! It has been quite a while, but I haven not forgotten the fun bands I want to share with those who may not know of them! So that brings me to today's band- the baby of Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra: Right Away, Great Captain! I, of course, am listening to him as I write this.

Contrary to Manchester's driving guitars and loud melodies, RAGC is super soothing, almost sleepy time, music. If you want to chill out, this music is highly recommended. If you are slightly in a depressed mood, this music not recommended for it might send you down a path flooded with tears.

According to the band's Myspace page, (which, I might add, is pretty well designed) RAGC is "his solo side project in which Hull continues to tell the ongoing saga of a 17th century sailor who catches his wife in an act of betrayal with his very own brother."
If you like what you hear you can get RAGC's first album, The Bitter End, Here and the second album, The Eventually Home, Here. Or you could be way cool and buy it from Amazon or Itunes.
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