Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Music Thursday: Bosque Brown

I cannot remember exactly when I first started listening to Bosque Brown, a.k.a. Mara Lee Miller, but it was sometime around when I got back into listening to female singer songwriters. I stumbled upon her on myspace, and then I found her vinyl via Burnt Toast Vinyl.

According to Burnt Toast, Mara grew up in Texas and was there discovered by Damien Jurado (who has been on tour with mewithoutYou). The website states that "Mara's mother sings and plays piano, teaching her how to sing while growing up and sharing her love for old movies, which also influence Mara's vocals and style. Her lyrics are simple and straightforward, about friends, family, love, the struggle between good and evil, or her feelings at the moment, not based on fictional storytelling."

If you are in the mood for some good country/folk music, definitely check her out. Her voice is so unique, I do not even know who to compare it to.

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