Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Thumbs Down

The past two days have been very trying. After Purple Door, I had tons of crafty ambitions for Monday that were quickly dismantled. I was going to go to JoAnn Fabrics, the Post Office, the antique store, and David's Natural Market, then come home and craft. I went to JoAnn Fabrics, then while I was at the post office I shut my thumb in my car door. At first I was in a state of shock, I saw the huge amount of blood under my nail, but the pain had not yet reached my brain. Then, as I went inside the post office and began looking for the small flat rate box, the pain began to register, and tears began to well and roll down my cheeks. There were no small flat rate boxes, so I went to stand in line to see if they had any behind the counter. A kind elderly woman let me in front of her after seeing the tears casually strolling down my face. After that kind lady, and the kind lady behind the counter helped me tremendously by filling out the addresses and everything, I quickly got my little booty home, stuck my thumb in ice, and googled what to do.

My parents were not yet home from Purple Door, so home alone, I attempted to sleep the pain away, which generally works for head aches and cramps. However, this time the pain was intensified when I woke up. My mother fixed me up with some, despite my objection, advil, and ice packs. The pain was bad, but the hardest part was the fact that I feel as though I have fought so long to prove that I can do anything with the five fingers I do have, but with only four, I couldn't do a single thing. I couldn't even hold the cup of orange juice and strawberry rum to my mouth to drink it. The rum was an attempt to numb my feelings a bit. I hate needles or anything going into me, and we were going to try to home remedy it (I was reluctant to go to the doctors) by heating a paper clip until it was red hot and letting it melt the nail away. However, all the alcohol really did was aid in my uncontrollable and incessant crying. The home remedy failed, and I had to work at nine the next morning. I had to get my brother to take off my necklace and text message people for me, and my mother had to help me prep for bed. This time the sleep really did make it feel better, but every time I would bump it at work I cringed. I went to Patient First after work, and I wanted the doctor to numb my thumb or knock me out. It literally took him two seconds with some special tool to put two holes in the nail and release the pressure. It is still a little tender and numb, but I am able to function normally, thank G-d.

It was nice to hear my father say "Oh, she is definitely back to normal," after his worried comments the night before.

The large hole in the middle was our attempt, and the two small holes on either side were the doctor's work.
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