Friday, July 30, 2010

Summer Days

Line dried laundry smells so stinking good!(We are not allowed to have an actual clothes line where I live, so I improvise)

This past beginning of the week was very eventful! I drove up to Pittsburgh and Kittanning on Sunday, then Perryopolis, Waynesburg, and Harrisonburg, VA on Monday. In Waynesburg we went to the Cherry Door, a.k.a. "the quarter store" where I got tons of fabric for my upcoming fashion show for so cheap! (Speaking of sewing things, I got this at the beginning of the month-)

So Monday night Brandon, Becca, Emily and I saw The Soil and The Sun, and Brandon and I saw them again on Wednesday.

Anyway, that was all just for fun, but for serious! (and fun too) I am in the process of stocking up my etsy! And I am considering putting some clothes of mine on here for whatever price you want to pay (don't you think that is how most things should be? Also, I am often reminded about how I lived in Africa for five months with about three weeks worth of clothing, very minimally). Any feedback on that proposal would be much appreciated!
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