Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Music Thursday: The Welcome Wagon

Back home, there was this radio station, WTMD that would put on new music Tuesday, and over at Skunkboy Creatures, an inspiring crafty blog, there is new Music Monday. So here it is now thursday and it is my jab at this new music business. This is due mostly because I am away from my darling mother so she doesn't have anyone to keep her 'hip' in the music scene.
After posting this video:

a couple weeks ago, my mother informed me that she loved the song and the video made her cry and all those other darling motherly things. Therefore, this post is about The Welcome Wagon.
The Welcome Wagon is made up of a married couple, Reverend Thomas Vito Aiuto and his wife Monique. They received some help from the ever impressive, Sufjan Stevens. The music is hymns that are modest and melodic takes on a vast history of sacred song traditions, delivered with the simple desire to know their Maker. (information take from here) To get a copy of the song, try this link. I hope you enjoy!
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