Friday, February 26, 2010

DIYF: Sweater Leggings

Thank God It's Do It Yourself Friday!
It is very cold where I live, in fact, it is snowing and they cancelled school- a rare occasion! A couple weeks ago, my good friend Kara showed me a link on how to make sweater leggings. I lost found! the link: Behind the Seams, and I loved the idea! Thrift stores are full of sweaters just begging to be made into cute leggings! So here is my tutorial version. I hope you enjoy and if you make your own, please let me know!

(click the image for a larger view!)
handmade: Sweater Leggings
I cut two inches off the bottom of my shorts and used the excess as a casing.
handmade: Sweater Leggings
The casing in process.
handmade: Sweater Leggings
The finished product!
handmade: Sweater Leggings
A complete outfit!
They are so comfy! I love one of a kind clothing items! Stay crafty!
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