Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Craft Space @school

At school, in my humble apartment, my entire bedroom is my craft space. There are craft supplies under my bed, in my end table, in my closet, on my trunk, anywhere I can afford to put them!
inspiration wall
My inspiration wall is slightly behind my door, and between my bed. It features the magazine ads I find most inspiring. Marc Jacobs ads are on the top row. I always love his ads. One of my craft boxes is seen at the bottom of the craft wall- it currently holds different odds and ends but mostly fabric. The Suitcase End Table holds my paper crafting items as well as some jewelry making things and a bottle cutter. And of course, there are plenty of books stacked underneath, like Mary-Kate and Ashley's Influence and Making Stuff: An Alternative Craft Book.
My bed has about five compartments underneath, one of which leads to a big space under the bed where an extra sewing machine and all of my paints are kept.
In the other corner we have my closet, mannequin, trunk which is resting under my coverlock and embroidery machine, the purple suitcase holds more craft supplies, and the white case is my darling sewing machine.
And this is where I spend most of my time- at my $5 flea market desk (it has a built in lamp!). The chair was found in a dumpster dive and painted and covered. The two storage containers on their sides are now my little pantry (our kitchen is very small). The cork board was made from an old frame that was going to be discarded when I worked in a frame shop. It is very easy to be inspired here because there is not a space in my room that is not crowded with creative supplies. The problem then becomes balancing being creative and being studious, which is quite a challenge!
(Mom, this post was mostly for you- I thought you would like to see my current room.)
Stay Crafty!
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