Sunday, September 16, 2012

Cold Weather Necessities // Swacket

About a year ago, I pinned this video from HARPUTS of San Francisco. HARPUTS states that "Ultimately, we aim to make easy clothing that can be worn multiple ways, accentuate many different body types, and lasts over time."
I love how versatile the "swacket" is. Depending on how the jacket is snapped, it can have at least six different looks. It also comes in a variety of fabric choices: wool, cotton, cashmere, lightweight wool, and nylon. Granted, this functional jacket costs a pretty penny, with the price ranging from $375-$800. The price sort of reflects paying $55 for six different jackets, but without the need for a closet that can hold six jackets! Next time I actually have a disposable income, I do hope to make this item my only jacket (unless it is summer time when that happens...)
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