Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bundt Cake!

This past weekend my mother and I went yard-sailing! (yes, I know that is not the proper spelling, but I prefer to imagine us in a boat drifting with the wind from yard to yard) A favorite past time of ours, we have not had much time to engage in this deal finding activity. It is the first summer I have been at my parent's house in years, but I was working every weekend! With my big move looming, I needed to gather some home essentials. For me, these essentials mostly consist of baking pans... We were stoked to find an authentic Bundt pan in a killer 70's yellow. I wasted no time filling it with some Pamela's chocolate and vanilla cake mixes. Even though I have mostly been baking from scratch, I was anxious to use this new pan and thought it best to just through some mixes in it.
We mixed some milk and powdered sugar in hopes of getting an icing similar to Gluuteny's delectable bundt cakes:
My bundt cake is currently living in the shadow of Gluuteny's, but I'm just a baby baker, so I can live with that. Happy baking!
looking for your own bundt pan? here's some!

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