Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NYC: Day two

Let's begin by saying Vic's Bagel Bar was a disappointment: NO GLUTEN FREE BAGELS. BLAH.

But apart from that, today was ok.

It started with a terrible dream during the best sleep I have had in a while. I was one of thirty interns and my boss told me she didn't want to hear my voice! It was just a dream though...

So I got all my things set up, met up with Ben, and walked walked walked everywhere.

Got an awesome lunch at some fancy gluten free joint, Nizzo. Their GF menu was huge, so I went with something I had never had before- socco, an oven baked chick pea pancake. If you follow me on instagram, you already know I thought it was delicious!

Then we went to Soho, looked in a bunch of silly shops with incredible items we could not afford, and popped into a few galleries.

We stumbled upon the Lomography store on 23rd on our way home. I didn't know they had a brick and mortar store. Brandon is all about lomo (and had a disappointing day not receiving his instax film from the post office) and normally I text him cute, "Hi from..." where ever I am. Even though I didn't preface the picture from the inside of the lomo store, he knew exactly where I was.

I happen to be pretty tired and tomorrow is my semi-big day so I'm calling it a night! Till tomorrow...
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