Friday, September 16, 2011

The Week of Hair

My lovely friend Natalie over at dear mom posted a couple weeks ago about The Month of Hair at Refinery 29. I was slightly discouraged after reading her post, because it is pretty hard for me to do virtually anything with my hair other than leave it down or use a clip. After complaining to Brandon for a second, and begging him to do cool things to my hair (to which he told me to ask our roommate, Becca) I got inspired. The rest of the week I did new things with my hair, including a curling method Natalie had told me about previously, and an old beehive do that I thought my hair had outgrown. I was very happy!
Day One:

A little twist to my shave spot!
Day Two:

Rediscovering the little beehive. Just so you know, I just tuck all my hair under it, no bump-it here. It helps that I have a BUNCH of hair.
Day Three:

Part one of curling my hair. Wrapped it around a headband and wore it all day and slept on it. Which brings us too:
Day Four:

Wild crazy awesome curly hair!
Day Five:

Still rocking the curls, but my bangs were looking wild!
I think there is much more I could do with that simple little headband, here is just a silly little thing I tried:

These days I wake up too early (and not too much before I have to be somewhere) to do much with my hair, although Brandon did put in it a ponytail when I went to the gym the other day and it looked nice! So here is to hair!
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