Sunday, July 24, 2011

Today I Made: 'Pop(py)-Me into That' Dress

I was inspired by this fabric. I am not sure if I bought it at a thrift store or if it was given to me (definitely reeked of old people when I ironed it), but I loved the colors and the poppy flowers. This little popper may look simple, but it is completely lined, not a visible seam or edge anywhere. It took me six hours non-stop. I anticipate the next one will be a bit quicker!

The Hem


It is pretty rewarding to make something you know is of impeccable quality. It was nice to wear it to the coffee house after it was finished and be able to tell inquireries it was handmade. It was nice watching Gary and Taylor be puzzled at how it all fit together. It was a nice day or sitting and sewing and coffee and reading and friends and giggles!
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