Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Easy Christmas Snowmen

A week before Christmas, Brandon, Kara and I went down to Nashville. Kara met up with her father and Brandon and I met up with Mary Nell, my friend I have known since I was born. We left Nashville on the 22nd and went to Pittsburgh to drop Brandon off. While we were there, I saw his mom had put up these cute decorations:

It looked really easy to make and I figured my mother and grandmother would like one. Here is how mine turned out:

What you will need:
A ceramic pot
Foral foam
A hurricane glass pillar (small enough to fi in your pot)
Paint- white, black, orange, and rose
A light (I used a pumpkin light)
A cotton ball or sponge
Hot glue gun

The steps:
1. Paint your pot completely white

2. Use a cotton ball or sponge to dap white paint onto the glass pillar

(this is where the pictures end, I was more concerned with finishing them then blogging about them)
3. Shave the floral foam down to fit your pot (messy! i used a x-acto knife, there might be an easier way)
4. Shove foam into pot.
5. Place light in foam (I hot glued mine into place). You will need to carve out a special spot for the cord so the glass does not hit it. The cord will fall over the side of the pot and be hidden by the fleece. You can paint your face on it at anytime after the white is on, I waited until everything was assembled.
6. Cut fleece for the hat and scarf. I traced the top of the pot for the brim of my hat and traced the top of the glass to see how big the hole needed to be. The scarf is just a rectangle (as is the top portion of the hat) and can vary if you want a large or small scarf.
7. Hot glue the scarf to the top rim of the pot (I also glued mine in place underneath).
8. Hot glue or sew the rectangle for the hat and slip it over the top. Pull brim over top.
9. Paint the face if you haven't already.
9.Add buttons or bells or whatever else to decorate.
Plug it in and enjoy!

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