Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pittsburgh Gallery Crawl

A couple weeks ago (almost three, I am not on top of my blogging game), my friend Becca and I went to the Pittsburgh Gallery Crawl in Downtown. Basically it is a night of free gallery-going, and free alcohol (I didn't drink, I was on sobriety). To my knowledge, it happens about four times a year, but I currently cannot remember where I found that information to be able to back it up.
Anyway, we started at SPACE, where there were tons of legit prints- most of them being politically loaded, some by secondary school-aged students. Here are some pictures from the exhibit titled "Paper Politics" from the website Just Seed and others (just click the image to see where I got it from).

The favorite of my prints was by Nicolas Lamper. I thought it was just so clever!

You can buy it for $20! Cool!
We also went to the Eat Me exhibit at Future Tenant. I snapped a few crappy cell phone pictures:

Would have been cool if I remembered what that was made out of...

This dress has details made from beans and rice.

Fruit roll-ups! Yum!
We also went to the TXT exhibit. I cannot find a better image for this piece other than the silly one I took, so, my apologies.

Anyway, it was just great, I just wish I was closer to the city!
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