Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Sitting cross-legged at my desk, foot falling asleep, putting off paper writing, dipping half moldy carrots that I rinsed off and peeled so that I could be eating five day old homemade hummus (it is only supposed to last three days, and it was pretty funky looking, but it tastes fine)

For the record, summer classes are a bad idea. Here is some of what I have been doing instead of summer classes:

1. Skyping

It normally starts with me saying we are just going to exist, and ends with my computer over heating from hours of skype and my having to restart.
2. Sewing

The skirt was made from a sweet 90's long skirt that I have had since I was probably ten. The shirt is made from an old undershirt and a long sleeve turtle neck that I got for $.97 at old navy and dismantled and reassembled, or reconstructed I supposed, the entire thing, ruched/gathered it, put some elastic through the french seam, blahblahblah, technicalities. It is going to have a barracuda painted on it eventually. I started remaking this old vintage 'every day frock' into a cute strapless dress, but that has been put on hold due to this dang school business.
3. Drawing.

I am not entirely sure what possessed me to do this. I had already had the lines and inches drawn and they were fading, so I suppose that sparked a revamp. I have had this sewing machine for seven years I believe.
4. Cleaning

This is imperative to my sanity. It helps me feel slightly together and organized, or something like that.
5. Biking

Or attempting to rather. I got new pedals for my cruiser, and after I get paid I will be getting mustache handle bars for the road bike. By the way, the wound on my hand is healing, nicely I suppose. It is pretty itchy, grows rather tense, and I put much effort into lotion-ing it frequently. Also, I used a tea tree oil and vegetable oil mixture, as suggested by this herbal first aid zine, and I have been using tea tree soap that my mother bought for me (she thinks it smells rather awful).
6. Running

I ran my first and second 5k recently, in about thirty-two minutes each time. The first time Thomas kept me motivated, and we ran most of it. The second time I was all by myself and pretty much walked the last half mile. The number on the scale has been dropping, and I don't looking nearly as pregnant as I used to after stuffing my face (♥ food).

(Sorry about the picture, mom, but hey, I look like four months pregnant). But I feel like I am also loosing the muscle in my thighs that I had from riding my bike everyday. When Brandon was here and we rode around town, the trip took more out of me than it used too.
Anyway, that is that and now I supposed 'that' will consist of homework!
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