Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Homemade: Sushi!

I love sushi! One of my favorite maki rolls is the Philadelphia roll. My dear friend, Emily, hates the cream cheese in this roll, but I love it! Last week we made our own sushi. I made the rice in the slow cooker, and picked up some nori from the asian market.

We also had avocado for Emily (yuck!) and a sweet potato and cucumber. I have made sushi this was before, but this was Emily's first time.

Now, I hadn't done this in a while, so the first roll I forgot that you were not supposed to use the whole thing and whether or not the shinny side went up or down. The following rolls we cut the nori too short. We eventually got the hang of it.

I pretty much always crave sushi! I read this article on sushi on, and it says that sushi, and Japanese food, is among the healthiest food available. That is, except for rolls like the Philadelphia roll because of the cream cheese- oh well!
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