Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Current Project: Leopard Shorts

For a little while now, I have had a huge desire for some cute leopard shorts. I thought they would be so cute to wear with a blue shirt, black leggings, and boots. However, I do not have any! I hardly wear shorts, and I do not love buying things! I am currently out of cash, so going to the flea market to buy some fabric or old shorts was out of the question, but JoAnn Fabrics was having their President's Day Weekend Sale (Happy President's Day a day late, by the way!). So I walked to JoAnn's and purchased some brown fabric and an embroidery hoop so I can make my desired shorts. First I cut out the pattern pieces.
handmade: Leopard Shorts
I got the stuff to make the make-shift silk screen (learn how to here) than I realized I left my squeegee at home, so I had to made a make shirt squeegee out of cardboard as well.
handmade: Leopard Shorts
I used the lid to a storage container as my work surface and got to work.
handmade: Leopard Shorts
It was very messy using such a small silk screen! Well and the fact that I pretty much make a mess doing anything.

But I am super excited to make a wear my imperfect, hand printed and hand made shorts once they are completed!
handmade: Leopard Shorts
I'll post again when they are finished!
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