Monday, January 25, 2010

It's The Darkest Side of My Heart That Dies

Listening to The Middle East, drinking Stash earl gray tea, and reading. Sometimes life is just too good! Not to mention the fact that I already completed one of the things on my checklist and am almost finished another! I can practically already smell the brownies cooking! YUM! Here is the heart pocket:
handmade: T-Shirt/Dress with Heart Pocket
And here is the beginnings of my hat!

And of course I have been working on things that are not on my list. I made these fabric wall panels out of cardboard and 50 cent fabric from the flea market!
handmade: Vintage Fabric Panels
Now I am thinking of beginning an Flea Market Finds installation! I practically go to the flea market every weekend. So, apart from that delightful flower print fabric, here are a few other goodies I found:
fmf: Vintage Thermos
This delightful thermos should in theory still work! But I love how it fits the desired sage green/bright orange theme in my room. I got this one at a rummage sale in Pittsburgh for $2.
fmf: Owl Wall-hanging
I also got this adorable owl wall hanging at the same place! It cost $3, but the elderly lady working there was the woman who made it! I suppose it could also be made into a pillow, but I think the bright yellow will look great against my emerald green walls at my parent's place.
Well we'll stick with just those two for now! I will post more of my finds later!
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