Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Creative Failure

So the result of my creative challenge is this: FAILED! I did not accomplish anything that I had wished to.
I attempted to finish my owl necklaces, but I could not figure out how to the solder the pieces together. I am going to watch a youtube video on how to do it and try again though.
I made the pattern for my hat! So that is a little progress.
But mostly what I did was things that were not even on my list! (That always seems to happen- I would rather do anything other than what I think I should do) I decorated my room!
I found some sticks outside, painted them gold and hung them from 3M command strips that I hot glued buttons onto (they are just so ugly otherwise!).

I also made a chandelier out of recycled and laminated old book pages. The light was just so harsh otherwise!

No success= no brownies. But I have kind of been cheating! I am trying to, and really have, cut back on my sweets intake. My friend Kristen works at a bakery outside of Pittsburgh, and she brought me gluten free chocolate cookies that I have been munching on. They are all gone now, but while Janelle and I were in the city we stopped by this wonderful gluten free bakery, Gluuteny where I devoured a delicious cupcake! Therefore, my motivation was skewed, for I had no need to work towards my brownies with so many other sweets available! But, the cookies are gone, and I probably won't make it to the bakery this week, so the brownies are all I have! Here is my new goal list (it really is not much different):
1. Make leather hat
2. Finish sewing the pocket on my shirt
3. Alter my flea market and thrift store finds (It is now seven pieces!)

I am going to leave it at three, because apparently four is too much to handle!

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