Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love love!

I love being in love! I don't care what it does to me. Not that I am in love, just extremely happy. Today has been so inspirational for I don't even know what reason! I got feedback on my flash fiction in English class, that was fun. Fell asleep in Economics, THEN while I was patiently waiting at Java City for my cafe mocha, this girl comes up to me and asks about my hat.
"Oh I made it."
"Oh I love it!"
I get my coffee, see my friend Scott, and am conversing with him when the girl comes up to me again and asks me if I would make her one! Uh, duh! I told her it will be slightly different because I don't have enough leather left, she said she was willing to pay $40! I could totally use $40! The best promotion isn't blogging, or etsy, or banners, but people seeing that you make awesome stuff. LOVE IT. Then I kept having all these ideas! I used to have ideas pouring into my head constantly. It had died for a little, but I am so glad it is back! Anyway, I thought I would post the idea/sketch that began my hat adventure. I finally got some more leather sewing needles so I am excited!

This is how all my creatios begin. Anyway- got to get sewing!
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