Thursday, December 24, 2009


is in 22 hours! And I have even less time than that because 1) I need sleep, and 2) we have a big family dinner!
I was really not very prepared for Christmas this year. I was not at home for the getting and decorating of the tree and I was not working retail to be able to watch the changing of fixtures and products. It has thrown me for a loop.
And of course I have decided to hand make everything. But as often happens when I feel stressed, I busied myself with other unimportant things like making decorations for my new apartment and making Christmas presents for people I won't see in a while.
But now it is crunch time and my room has been on lock down so I can make stuff!
Basically everyone in my family is getting at least two things: one from the theme, and a little something else. I can't post anything yet but I am very excited!

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