Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Christmas Present Recap

While I am sitting here in McPherson, Kansas, (my first time ever in Kansas!) with my hands freezing, I have finally found the time to post about my Christmas Crafting adventure!
I returned to home from school just one week before Christmas, and I had lots to do! The theme for my family was pillows&. For my brothers' significant others, the & was necklaces.

I also made cute little packaging for them out of an old book pages.

My father got this silly custom book that I got from bluebanjo2001 on Etsy!. My eldest brother wants to be a ninja so he received a ninja decal from Doodledose. For my other brother, however, I could not find the sticker I wanted so I had to make it!

Now the main theme was pillows so here is what I made for everyone:

The boy and girl ninja's were for my oldest brother and his wife. The Superman pillow was for my father. My other brother got the Apple logo pillow and his girlfriend received the mermaid! People are telling me I should sell my pillows, but I just tell them that pillows aren't really my thing but I couldn't go making dresses for everyone! I hope everyone else enjoyed their Christmas!

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