Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So Long Sweet Summer: A Comprehensive Photographic Recap of Summer 2009

  • June 1st: arrived at bwi @11:00 p.m. katelyn met me at my house. i was smelly.
  • June 2nd: went to a bonfire at matt's house. went to waffle house after. was going to go over graham's after but it was like 2:00 a.m.

  • June 3rd: i think kerry, dusten, and i went to red robin or maybe that was thursday the 4th... i know i went to caregroup. it was great to see everyone again.
  • June 4th: started the first day of my last two weeks at Target. they put me back in the system before I even got back from Africa. they thought they wouldn't have to worry about me. i told tom to tell them i was quitting.
  • June 5th: graham's twentieth birthday party. drove an hour down to college park to hang out for a couple of hours. katelyn didn't think it was that far away. my first official pizza summer party. i was the only person who ate pizza. i made the most awesome birthday card i could have conjured.

    graham and i enjoy playing scrabble. the rest of our friends, not so much.
  • June 6th: had a massage and got my hair cut. jet lag was horrid so the massage didn't even feel that good. had my first snowball of the summer with kim.

    went to fuji sushi with kim, jake, emily, and that other girl. jet lag was horrible, i pooped out. i felt so bad jake had driven half an hour to see a crappy jocelyn.
  • June 7th: first starbucks in five months. visited katelyn at work and had a party at starbucks. alissa, azman, steve, and andrea were all there. afterwards we went over garrett's house. alissa and i loaded our bikes into the back of her truck and picked up brian, matt, and graham from graham's house. elliot, kate, rob, tiffany, katelyn, and garrett were already at garrett's. alissa and i taped flashlights to the handlebars of the bikes and road to i-95. we brought the magic blender, made sick (as in awesome) smoothies, watched so many "will it blend" shorts on youtube, laid in alissa's truck bed listening to the beach boys, and had such a great dance party. alissa stuck around for a while thereafter. good thing.

  • June 8th: went to work, hated life. tried so hard to get my executives to let me go early.
  • June 9th: worked the closing shift. it was very quiet. salesfloor-wise, not so much busy-wise. went to starbucks afterwards. hung out with katelyn, emily, tiffany, and oliver.
  • June 10th-11th: probably worked, but my memory is failing me. i know i spent the whole week with either katelyn or alissa. what did we do? i don't remember. just talk and ride bikes i guess.
  • June 12th: spaghetti friday at graham's house. kick off night of house sitting. chelsea made the spaghetti.
  • June 13th: what was the theme of the night? all i remember is alissa and i went to corey's. travis was at bonaroo, where he lost that shirt i painted him (note: paint new shirt). kerry was there and i was so excited because she is so fun!
  • June 14th: went to gunpowder with alissa and tim. matt woodard, matt wrightson, and david showed up. we got snowball's at sharon's, took tim to his car, went to sarah mazziott's graduation party, went back to my house, rode bike's to graham's house. matt wrightson had the flattest tire. i was so sleepy, i basically just fell asleep on the couch. alissa, brian, matt, and elliot went on a bike ride around graham's neighborhood. elliot crashed twice. matt made everyone make a list a short and long term goals which later became a reoccurrence for anything we did.
  • June 15th: swapped shifts with cris. i wonder what i did instead of work... probably hang out with alissa... well that was mexican monday. alissa was there but not the same time i was. katelyn and i were a great team procuring the trash can and tp and making sure no one choked.
  • June 16th: my last official day of work. i swapped shift's with leah but since she is a minor i came if to work 9:45-whenever we got out. i wore my recycled target bag dress to work. why not?

    randy wishes he was that creative. mary nell got home from australia. katelyn, steve, and i went to visit her.

    welcome home, mate!
  • June 17th: took my dad on a surprise father's day trip. we went to chesapeake city for crabs. it was raining. but the crabs were delicious! my caregroup had like a welcome home party for me, where i talked about my trip, and answered questions, and mostly cried. my parents and mary nell came. we played games and ate too.
  • June 18th: isn't that shannon's birthday? didn't i see mary nell again? i should stop chewing gum, the aspartame is getting to me. what vitamins promote good memory? yes, i spent the night at mary nell's house. was this the tea party?
  • June 19th: woke up in the morning, mary nell and i went to homeless shelter, or maybe it was just me. then i went over graham's. cleaned the kitchen so good. kate told me to save the dished for elliot. there were like three dishes left. went downstairs, cleaned up the over flowing litter, and all the litter and hair balls for that matter. got reprimanded. i was taught to leave a place nicer than how i found it. kate, elliot, and i went to go get food. kate and i got sushi, elliot wanted mexican. met up with alissa at the mall. did a good deed at the snowball stand and got a free snowball (i get enough snowball's there anyway). hung out at graham's until he came home. kate and elliot went to the charles. never went inside graham's house again.
  • June 20th: i don't really care so much that i don't remember this day. i know i spent most of it running around preparing for father's day. lots of trips to target and such.
  • June 21st: father's day hung out with my family then went to alissa's to go to matt's to hangout with matt and matt and kim and brian. alissa locked her keys in her car. i drove matt's car to the food store. we burnt the popcorn, made a mess in matt's kitchen, and watched to catch a predator.

  • June 22nd: kim wanted to do something crazy. we decided to dye our hair.

    then i went to the parrish where we danced. as usual.

    i said something really mean and sassy about graham's zit and he was sooooo mad and i said i wouldn't leave until he forgave me.
  • June 23rd: jaimie came over! we got snowballs with laura and tom. worked on my brother's tattoo. "you're artistic, why don't you do it?" "because i don't have any time." and it was katelyn appreciation night! oh the woes of the parrish.
  • June 24th: went over the powell's. spent time with my caregroup ladies. helped jen prepare stuff for her wedding. got so drilled by jo.
  • June 25th: had a cookout! matt and matt almost caught my woods on fire. sooo many people sans the people i really care about showed up. cooked bread over the fire. ate so many marshmallows. stayed up till 3 a.m. got yelled at by an angry mother. mary nell spent the night

  • June 26th: mary nell stayed the night again? all i remember is having to give directions using google maps and a few vague road names...
  • June 27th: the day before katelyn's birthday. i wonder what we did.
  • June 28th: made a sweet sign out of plastic bags that was never used and never will be seen again. left for pittsburgh/cornerstone. i anticipated having some down time to rest in pittsburgh. it didn't happen.
  • June 29th: spent a large portion of the day in walmart's parking lot. set up camp. made tea for our neighbors, alex, ben, william, and ruth. it was windy, but pretty warm. but froze my butt off at night.
  • June 30th: went into town on hearing of a non exist farmer's market. dumpster dove at aldi's. found an awesome drawing at the alliance coffee joint. watched itwog drive the bus around and play instruments. cooked a bowl of rice and ate in at the indie tent. cried infront of the cute guy at the invisible children booth. was sooo embarrassed. rev radio rocked. timbre rocked. i probably went to bed so early.
  • July 1st: dignan rocked. joel rocks. made rice and tea. crusty's make good veggies. tried to get someone to buy my hot chocolate. didn't work. the choice was: sleeping giant, austrian death machine, the ember days, or copeland. we chose copeland and snuck on back stage.
  • July 2nd: lots of hanging out. haste the day played on the stage right next to our tent. rock. dereck webb, rosie thomas, and gasoline heart were so good. i was supposed to give out tea. didn't happen. hated my life that night.
  • July 3rd: more hanging out. talked to beth who has a little girl similar to me for like four hours. missed brooke waggoner. caught itwog. watch kerry's band and bradley from backstage. stayed up soo late hanging out at the gallery where greg was trying to sleep. executed a secret plan to cut off kerry's facial hair. missed the hoe-down.
  • July 4th: rained way too much. left way early. left my shoes. left so much. all the tea was gone. you can't leave that out in the rain. our tent had a leak. mary nell was pretty pissed to leave early. stopped in indianapolis. josh, chris, alissa, mary nell, and i ate at dick's bodacious bbq!
  • July 5th: arrived in pittsburgh around 3 a.m. drove home. almost fell asleep on the last stretch coming out of the tunnel. came home, passed out.
  • July 6th: made necklaces for alissa's friends at work.
  • July 7th-8th: time spent at home, cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. almost finished now! started running with my mom. still am!
  • July 9th: sushi night at alissa's. a good plan in theory. takes people who want community to make one though. some sushi was made so right and some so wrong. then we got ice cream, red boxed a movie, i fell asleep. they told me happy birthday when i woke up.

  • July 10th: my birthday! mary nell and katelyn came over. i bossed them around, we celebrated, and jammed. i choked.

  • July 11th: jennilyn got married! it was soooo sweet!
  • July 12th: my official welcome home party. so many people came. it was awesome, and overwhelming, i mostly occupied myself with the kids.
  • July 13th: got my new birthday present! a sweet bicycle! a bicycle and a polka dot dress, what more could a twenty year old girl want?
  • July 14th-15th: i have no specific memories!
  • July 16th: left for new york. took me three hours to get to west islip. hung out with uncle vinny. ate really delicious organic food. patty picked me up. we got on the ferry, went to fire island, hung out on the beach. put the boys to bed. i walked around town by myself. ate some ice cream. no surprises.
  • July 17th: woke up, did the morning stuff, like washing the dishes. took the boys to the pool. hung out. got ice cream in town by myself.
  • July 18th: woke up, did the morning stuff. took the boys to the pool. hung out. patty and i went into town for ice cream. and there was a band playing on the dock. a tribute to freddy frogs.
  • July 19th: woke up, did the morning stuff. took the boys to the beach. met up with rae who gave jackie a sea shell. jackie started fussing so i took him for a walk, in my bikini. exposed. embarrassed. "now that's a hot mom!" ah! went out to eat with patty. new york steak and crabs legs. i'm from maryland. rode bikes to point o' woods with patty to see the proposal. retardedly cute.
  • July 20th: took the ferry back to the mainland. aunt karen and the girls picked me up. we went for a bike ride, nicole went swimming, it was freezing, and went shopping. aunt karen made a delicious dinner, the girls painted my nails, and we watched these abc "family" tv shows which were essentially clear pictured soaps.
  • July 21st: hung out with sam while nicole had an orthodontist appointment. nicole and aunt karen came home. i packed up and left. three and half hours back. went to panera with nick. first time we hung out in like two years. went to see wye oak with pat.
  • July 22nd: made the most awesome bearded sock monkey for greg. worked on de-cluttering room.
  • July 23rd: de-cluttering cont'd.
  • July 24th: probably consisted of more de-cluttering.
  • July 25th: steve chavez's birthday party part 3 at the baltimore house. katelyn's car broke down. she was bringing steve. took them forever to get there. then i had to leave.
  • July 26th: alissa and i left for pittsburgh. she was to meet up with a friend from florida and i had orientation. we got lost, missed church, went shopping with chris, ate at fat heads, hung out at the larkin's house, alissa left, josh and i got pizza, i had to do lots of maneuvers to get out of those dang parking spots, went to bed at the girl's house at like one, had to decline an invitation to stay up all night.

  • July 27th: left around 7:00 a.m. for iup. left my shoes on the top of my car while i tried to drive away. a guy on the street grabbed them, and gave them back. wound up so lost heading back toward baltimore on 76. had to pay too many extra tolls. good thing i left early. i arrived on time. i had to pee so bad. no surprises. then the most boring ten hours of my life began. nah, they weren't so bad. the guys checking me in handed me one of those wrist bands and i asked if they were putting them on people or if i had to do it myself. the one guy, "polish beast" his name tag read, gave it to me and told me i could do. i stared at him and fumbled around with my wrist, wrist band, and nub. the other guy volunteered to it. i had to sign up for poopy classes, but i was later able to change them. i went back to pittsburgh to see greg who had my brother's cd. i intended on taking a nap and leaving, but i wound up hanging out till like 11:00 p.m. justin said i could stay the night on the couch. i took him up on that offer.
  • July 28th: woke up pretty early and left. didn't get lost. i knew exactly what was going on this time. got home, passed out.
  • July 29th: cleaned, for sure. and hung out with my mom. went shopping and stuff.
  • July 30th: probably went to the homeless shelter and cleaned. it was a theme. definitely went my brother's mma class to take picture.
  • July 31st: baltimore round robin! everyone got kicked out. i hung out with pat mostly. easy to find. saw jeremiah and justin again, first time in like two years. massive dance party with dance deacon. went to the baltimore house after. called mary nell, wished her happy birthday, and talked to her for a while. elliot spent the night.
  • August 1st: mary nell's birthday. she was in kansas. didn't get home till 5:00 a.m. got in trouble. slept till ten, ate breakfast, went back to sleep. cleaned my room. elliot slept till 3:00 p.m. we went to barns and nobles, einstein's, a yard sale, got snowballs, and went over katelyn's. came back to my house. sarah picked elliot up. the options for the night were something like 1) go swimming at casey's, 2) go to the hexagon with elliot, or 3) go to a party at alex's. so i chose to stay home.
  • August 2nd: sundays: starbucks. except for the weird times when katelyn isn't scheduled sunday's. but emily and amanda were there and corey, travis, and nick showed up too, and nick sturla and ace and rich.
  • August 3rd: gone. my memory of it at least. well i know i hung out with katelyn instead of seeing andrew jackson jihad
  • August 4th: mary nell came home. we probably hung out. or probably not.
  • August 5th: supposed to be the timbre show. it wasn't. did i hang out with mary nell anyway? maybe.
  • August 6th: the real timbre show. mary nell drove. we were supposed to pick up brittany but we got lost and missed the exit and all that poop. we were like the only people from baltimore intentionally at the show. mary nell was offered a gig. the show was full of giggles.
  • August 7th: consisted of a birthday bonanza for kerry and cara. it also definitely consisted of katelyn, elliot, and i going over mary nell's house, hanging out in the gazebo.
  • August 8th: went to travis's house for like half an hour, then went over this kid neil's house and hung out with nick, alex, and all of tom's friends. i was the third girl there and the only one there without a boyfriend.
  • August 9th: went to church, went to plato's closet with alissa and heather, ate dinner at alissa's, went to friendly's for ice cream, we got a free ice cream. it was yummy.
  • August 10th: cleaned, sewed, and painted for sure! started on my hoods tooth trench.
  • August 11th: did some really massive de-cluttering. like, i'm surprised i have anything left.
  • August 12th: august 11th cont'd. i seriously have been trying to like really really clean my room for the past two years. i'm almost done purging and such.
  • August 13th: went to a crusty punk house show in baltimore with mary nell to see our friend brendan's band. it was loud, real loud. came home, had the most hysterical bike ride to dunkin donuts which consisted of broken lights and falling over and stolen bikes. katelyn met us there. then we ran red lights back to my house and spent the night at mary nell's house.
  • August 14th: left for purple door. got lost on our way to the campsite! score! ate dinner, went to pd. sat and made my shirt into a fest. made new friends. talked to bradley. played scrabble with my mom. left early, hung out at the gas station. ate ice cream. duh.
  • August 15th: woke up early, had an early shift. sat around for a bit reading the bible on my ipod. sold bradley's merch. mary nell and katelyn joined me. there was a cute guy with a mustache, i hate mustaches. i told him so. watched bradley. made a new friend. danced to mewithoutyou. left during anberlin. hung out at the gas station. laid in bed with the girls and gigggled.
  • August 16th: woke up, played uno, left, came home. took a nap. hung out with tom and laura. talked to kerry on the phone so much!
  • August 17th: quilted. yep.
  • August 18th: got in a fight with my mom. got stuff for college. i remember that because it was yesterday
  • August 19th: went running, picked up sadie from the vet, what a wreck, printed pictures to bring to college. talked on the phone with kerry. finished this dang blog, and that's fine because summer is over in like ten days and i don't think anything too exciting is going to happen.
i will keep editing this as memories come to me.
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