Saturday, June 27, 2009

"Do you have guest comment cards?"

Having worked three retail jobs, I have a great understanding of what a little feedback can do. While I worked at Joann Fabrics, if a guest wrote you a "Cut Above," or guest comment, card, you were given a scissors button to adorn your apron. When you had received ten of these, you acquired a gold scissor with a diamond. At Target, if the you were very helpful to a guest, and a team member observed and wrote you a Great Team card, you were more likely to be a Top Performer, or even Team Member of the Month (as I was July 2008!). Executives love to hear that their employees are being courteous, or in Target's case- fast, fun, and friendly.
When I went to the library last week to get the CDs for my father's iPod, the electricity had gone out. The poor girl at the counter had to hand write the numbers for all 42 CDs that I took out. I felt awful, but she was in return very polite. Using the knowledge I formerly mention, I asked for a guest comment card. It took me less than a minute to write how I was an awful customer but how the clerk had treated me so well. I signed my name, and wrote my phone number.
A couple days later I got a phone call.
"Hello is this Jocelyn? This is (so and so) from the public library. We just wanted to thank you for your comments concerning (cashier's name). We are glad you had a pleasant experience and your comment card is going to be forwarded to human resources."
I was ecstatic! I know people rarely do take the time to fill out guest comment cards, and I guess it is even more rare at the library.
I hope the cashier gets a raise or employee of the month or a free Starbucks drink or something!
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