Saturday, March 7, 2009

Work Day on the Base

Today we took a break from classes to come together as a community and work around the base. We were split up into teams and assigned different jobs. I assumed we would all be working outside and that I could somewhat correct my sunburns, but I was on the office team with Michael and Zach.
Zach had seen me making a nightstand for our room,

so he put me to work on doing the preparation work to build the remaining desks in the office. I had to use the level and the compound saw thing (I am not a carpenter) to cut angles. It really wasn’t bad at all.

One of the teams was the Food and F.A.R.T.s team. F.A.R.T.s stands for Fast Action Response Team. This team was composed of Lynn and Jen. They cleaned the kitchen and ran errands for us when we realized we didn’t have enough wood, etc.
Laura, Stanley, and Jeremy put slats on the gables of the classroom while Monique, Carla, and Eunice sealed the cement.

We all eventually wound up pulling up the grass, leveling the ground, and laying macadamia shells.

While Jen and I were pulling the grass up from the dirt, she jokingly commented something to the extend of “Good thing the water is working now.”
And what happens only minutes after?
Song hit a pipe!

Luckily, it was a pipe that went to the pool and not the house. But what a great day working together with everyone- students, staff, friends, works, and kids.
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