Sunday, December 7, 2008

It is with great excitement

That I am able to say that I will be in Africa January 8th- June 1st.

It is with great regret that my parents are not as carefree and easy going as I am; call me ignorant.
Concerning bringing my macbook to Africa (something to the extent of):
"What are you going to do about your computer?"
"Bring it."
"What if it gets stolen?"
"So what if it gets stolen?"
"You have a bad attitude!"

Since when is not being concerned with earthly goods considered a bad attitude?
On the contrary, I believe it is the necessary attitude to have.
It is just a computer, and it isn't like it holds top secret information.
If it were stolen, sure I would be upset. But it is password locked, for one.
Which writing this I am now thinking of turning off, therefore, in the event that it is stolen, Marty's new, unrightful owner, will be able to experience the joy that is Marty the macbook.

I received my first support check today. I have yet to even send letters out. Awesome.

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