Thursday, November 6, 2008

I love thinking

And I love how my philosophy class makes me think so much.
And I love listening to other people's conversations and analyzing what they have to say (and occasionally jumping in of course).
I am sitting in the library at school, writing my speech on homelessness. When I first arrived there were some gentlemen (to be polite, they were really just youngin's) discussing of course, the election and such things that are generally discussed when speaking of the election. One of the guys said he thinks women should be able to choose to have an abortion or not. Pro-choice. But that women shouldn't use it as a form of birth control and if a woman has had seven abortions she should be punched in the stomach (his words, not mine). Here is where I was tempted to interject- Do you really want your tax money to go pay for someone else's abortion? This thought was raised from what I had read in my philosophy text book concerning social contract. The book gave an example of a couple who made a lot of money and lived in an apartment. They were therefore taxed heavily and their taxes went to things that did not benefit them- like the public schools and parks and such.
And here is where I tie in my homeless speech.
I would much rather my tax money go to a homeless person for food or shelter than to someone who wanted to get an abortion. Even if the homeless person was simply stubborn and lazy, everyone should have the right to food (and life, but you know how that goes).
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