Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I'm sitting in Havre de Grace

And I would obviously rather be where my friends are, which is not under the tree, on the bench, because I can look out the window and attest to the fact that it is empty. 
It is a cool, breezy, gorgeous autumn day. The sun is shining on the quad, people are playing frisbee and walking around in jeans and short sleeve shirts- just how autumn should be (minus the fact that neither my friends nor I are enjoying the weather). 
But here I sit, in Havre de Grace, finishing up this relatively easy paper that I could find no motivation to do in all my free time yesterday. And apart from a few errands, yesterday was completely free.
So I am finishing up my paper. There are five tables on the second level of Havre de Grace. They were all full when my class let out, but a friend was sitting at one so I joined her. She left shortly thereafter for class and someone else came and put their stuff down. She is an older person, pretty well put together appearance with her animal skin shirt, gold earrings, and make-up. 
I've been in a situation like this before, just last month. Except I was the guest at the table and I was sick (and went to the hospital after my hour long episode). But the person whose table I joined did not say a word to me. It's frustrating. People should have people skills. Obviously, we are both at a college, we are probable both waiting for or coming from a class, we are probably both trying to get out of this two year hold over as soon as possible. But he did not say anything, and well, neither did I (but hey, I was like fifteen minutes from vomiting). 
Don't get me wrong, I love a good awkward situation, they always crack me up, but I love being friendly and possibly brightening someone else's day even more. 
So I here I sit, across from this lady, I want to say early thirties (I hope that is close). She's mumbling to herself and writing stuff down.
"What homework are you doing?"
"This is for Education 110, infant and toddlers, I have to do an observation..." 
And thus begins a quaint conversation about education, to which I can relate since I am going to school to be a teacher, I took an education class, and I did my observation/student teaching just as she is. It was pleasant, kind, and not awkward. 
I just ran outside because I saw Sean and I ran into Brit and now the lady is applying more lip gloss.
I think I will ask her for her name when she gets up to leave. 
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