Monday, October 13, 2008

The Best Week Ever

You know how on VH1, they always have that show

That is how I felt about the past couple of days. They have been awesome. 

Wednesday night, I picked up Jaimie, and we went to Towson for my mac appointment. I haven't hung out with Jaimie since August. We ran into my friend Jon who just got a job at Apple. Then we sat at the genius bar. Now, I couldn't get my iweb to update, and I thought I had done everything possible to try and figure it out. The babes behind the bar tried a lot of the same things I tried, which made me feel really smart, but they figured it out. And Jaimie embarrassed me so bad talking about my recyclable dress melting off! Then Jaimie and I got sushi. Sushi is sooo good. Then we got ice cream from Dairy Queen and had a good talk.

At school, everyone is hanging out and having a good time, and even though Mike isn't here, there are new people that have been added to our hang out sesh's that make them great. Thursday's hang out was better than any yet this year. It consisted of me, Katelyn, Rob, Garrett, Sean, Emily, Jordan, Sam, Laurie, Graham, Elliott, Gene, and I think I am forgetting people. We are quite sure people think we are crazy. We're always the weirdly dressed kids sitting on the grass, eating fruit, and talking about weird stuff. But this day we had the power of numbers. I've always thought we were the cool kids on campus, but I really felt it Thursday. 

So I decided to have people over Thursday night. Mostly to play basketball because this kid in my Philosophy class told me that Jordan used to play. So Katelyn, Rob, and Azmam came over. We had a real good jam sesh. I think I am going to put my ghetto xylophone in my backpack =P. Then Az left, and Katelyn, Rob, and I decided to go for a walk. We used to always go for walks. I can't remember ever having people over back in the day and not going for a walk. So we grabbed some delicious toasted almond ice cream bars and set off. We went around my neighborhood first, then headed to the one lane bridge. It is pretty scary down there, no lights, no houses, not even a paved road. So we were walking and getting scared and then SCREAM!!! Katelyn stepped on a dead animal. How disgusting. But I was actually glad, because then we turned around. We thought the neighbors were going to call the cops so we ran home. Then we decided to make waffle fries and watch one of my favorite movies, Mirrormask. So Garrett came over. The fries never made it to the movie. We devoured an entire bag of fries, which should have served ten, in five minutes. Anyway, I was totally pooped, and I fell asleep during the movie, but I woke up to reply to every text message Jake sent me. Rob passed out as well, Katelyn and Garrett loved the movie. Who wouldn't? They left around two a.m.

Friday I had to work, and it was our Columbus Day sale, and the system decided to be so slow, so it was pretty absolutely horrendous. But after work was Food Not Bombs time. So I grabbed my contribution- Arizona Green Tea Energy drinks, and jumped in my car. Everyone else had met at Sam's to cook, but I couldn't so I met up with them there. We set ourselves up in front of the courthouse. It was pretty amazing. There was so much food, and probably about twenty kids there to serve. One lady was so touched that she almost started crying. Afterwards, we had a bonfire at Emily's house. That was so good too. I hope we have a bonfire every Friday. We had the guitar and bongos, of course. 

Saturday was Jamie's baby shower. I really like that girl, and I am so glad I was able to be a part of the shower. I'm glad I've been able to be apart of this whole pregnancy. I remember in February when she doubtfully told me she thought she was pregnant. 
I went to take a nap around 7:00 p.m. on Saturday. I was woken at 1:00 a.m. by a phone call from Mary Nell. But it was not her on the line. I thought it was Chris, but for some reason I guessed Elliott. Elliot is an awful guess, I don't think Mary Nell has ever hung out with Elliot. Anyway, Chris and Dylan are our friends from Pittsburgh and they were at a conference in Annapolis. They were spending the night at Mary Nell's house and she was going to go to church with them at RTBC in the morning. So I packed my bags and went to spend the night and go with them. It was great catching up with them. I brought over dibs and Dylan told us about how awesome the conference, Unified Underground, had been and how God really provided for him to go. Chris turned in early, Dylan probably went to bed around 3:30 a.m. and Mae and I probably fell asleep around 4:00 a.m. I drove to annapolis. The church was huge, the number of tattooed indie punks was awesome. Chris wanted to sneak us into the conference, and we would have loved to, but I had to work at two. 
So we said our goodbyes, I was late for work. I was in the frameshop and I did seven frames in four and half hours. And that was without the air because the compressor is broken. I think that's pretty amazing. And I had a fifteen minute break. 

And here I am on Monday. I have midterms tomorrow that I have hardly studied for. I've been taking care of my YWAM application. I am so excited about the prospect of going to YWAM. I wish I would have been more on the ball with getting this application together, but oh well. It is what it is. 

I've been reading in Jeremiah, and I am re-realizing how very seriously God takes disobedience. The pastor at RTBC spoke about this a bit as well. He was speaking about service, but something he said was about how our sin affects everyone, not just ourselves. He gave the example of the Israelites marching around the walls of Jericho. One of the Israelites took something he wasn't supposed to and hid it in his tent. His disobedience brought God's wrath upon all the people. That is something serious.
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