Friday, June 24, 2011

Sarah's Wedding!

She looked absolutely gorgeous, if I don't say so myself. The first and last wedding dress I will ever make (maybe)!
All photos by Kyna Damewood

Handmade buttons loops and fifty four hand sewn vintage buttons.

Much resizing done- too big, too small, still too small. I eventually just remade the entire bodice. Then it was too big. Darts curtesy of my lovely Mother's advice (two heads are better than one!).

Sarah made her veil.

The groom and groomsmen's hats were all custom made by a friend of the lovely couple.

A few people who knew I made the dress came up and told me it was beautiful, but the biggest compliment I received came during the reception. We were sitting at the table eating and my friend Bobby's girlfriend simply exclaimed, "Her dress is gorgeous." It was a really nice compliment because she didn't even know that I made the dress and I didn't have to awkwardly thank her.
Congratulations Jake and Sarah!
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