Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Music Thursday: The Soil and The Sun

I didn't post this last week because I was busy busy setting up a basement show for The Soil and The Sun!

It was so good! There were lots of local acts: Chris, from Wreckers, Awake, Matt, Nick, and Bethany, from The Lady and the Lion, Colin, aka, Samson Park, Kevin, Diego and Dave, from Spontaneo, and Jim, from Ursa Major . I think there was sixty people there at the most.

The Soil and The Sun, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, was originally just Ben and Alex. Ashley and Michael joined them for the tour. They have an amazing eclectic sounds that speaks to the soul. They have CD's for donation if you have a chance to make it to a show, if not you can listen to them on their myspace!
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