Friday, April 3, 2009

Things That Get Lit on Fire During The Day

So yesterday, shortly after I posted the blog about the critters, it was time for us to leave for Kabokweni. Lynn came to pick us up, and Laura, Stanley, Lynn, and I were in the car when Carla came up quite unnerved.
There was a snake by her house. It had slithered in between a crack in the rock right outside her door.
Now, Carla hates snakes. And everyone went down to try to see. I wasn't going to go at first, snakes schmakes. But Laura told me I was being boring and reminded me that I am not a boring person. So I went along, and Eunice and Monique joined us in the parade.
Stanley talked to the workers and they got some diesel, poured it in between the rock, and lit it on fire.
We all waited in anticipation. I was scared that the snake was going to come out and bite us all! And as we watched, it did!
My heart jumped and I ran back (Lynn and I were the closest to the rock).
A black mamba.
It moved slowly from one crack to another.
Now, I don't have to worry much about snakes back home, so I was not familiar with the killing process and what not. Stanley and Eunice informed us that the diesel gets the snake drunk so it is slower and easier to kill by bashing it with a shovel or a broom as Lynn's house cleaner, Numsa, does.
Well we left for Kabokweni and apparently the workers lit the rock on fire some more but it is unclear whether the snake is dead or alive.
Hopefully the latter!
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