Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It is probably wrong

That I get some sick pleasure out of talking about Africa and watching my mother's face turn red and her eyes well up. God is providing so much already and it is awesome. I get my last shot tomorrow- Hepatitis B tighter, and contrary to what I would would have thought, it is difficult to find out what your blood type and group is. My doctor told me I need to give blood to find out, but I do not weigh enough to give blood. The lady at the Red Cross said my doctor should be able to order a blood test. I asked the receptionist at my doctor's about ordering a blood test and she said that they cannot and I need to go to the hospital to find out. I beginning to think that if I need a blood transfusion, that will just be God's way of saying "see ya!"

My mother sent me an email this morning that read:
"I just got the most awesome present. I was balling.
The card said:
Soon Jocelyn will be on her way,
And your secret angel is here to say,
That with this map it will be easier to pray,
For your daughter everyday.
Your secret Angel!

The gift was a map of Africa…………"

Also in more Africa-related news, I was browsing my bookcase to see what I would bring to read on my twenty-five hour flight. I settled on "Mere Christianity" by C.S. Lewis, for certain, and what else I am not quite sure, although I just won a Borders gift card at my caregroup Christmas social so perhaps I will get another book. Anyway, I stumbled upon a journal called "I Married Adventure." My grandmother had given it to me two years ago. I thought it was perfect. I showed it to my mother, she opened it up and the page she revealed to us happened to have a picture of Africa. Awesome.
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